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Chinese porcelain:




Ming Dynasty:


Ming Dynasty, 17thC

Saucer Chinese porcelain from Ming Dynasty, 17thC with bird on rock decor in kraak style. Diameter 14.5 cm. Two filled chips to the rim. Price: €300 (Stock number: BT49.8a)


Ming Dynasty, 17thC

Ming Dynasty Chinese porcelain saucer with bird on the rock decor in kraak style, 17thC. The diameter of this saucer is 14 cm. Some small fritting and little small chipping to the rim. Price: €400 (Stock number: BT49.8b)




Ming Dynasty, Wanli period, 17thC

Ming Dynasty, Wanli period Chinese porcelain small plate with cricket decor, 17thC. The diameter of this plate is 14 cm. The condition of this plate is with some small fritting and one small restored chip to the rim with one not disturbing restored hairline. In adition there are also some bake flakes. Price: Sold



Kangxi period B/W porcelain:


Kangxi period (1662-1722), about 1690

Chinese porcelain lidded jar from the Vung Tau shipwreck, Kangxi period, 17thC. The decoration is on one side a scene with people and the other site a rock with flowers. The height of this jar is 15 cm. The condition is good, with the glaze a little bit dull and some small fritting to some of the rims. Price: €1500 (Stocknumber: KXDVT1)


Kangxi period (1662-1722)

Plate Chinese porcelain from Kangxi period with decor of a flower basket. The diameter is 22 cm. The mark is an incense burner in double circle. Some small wear to the rim. Price: €300 (Stock number: BT41.8)






Kangxi period (1662-1722)

Two Chinese porcelain plates from Kangxi period with a decor of a dancing boy on a terrace, Kangxi period. The diameter of these plates is 22 cm. The condition is good, one plate with two chips (2 and 5 mm) and both plates have a little small fritting. Price: €600 (Stocknumber: BT51.2ab)




Yongzheng and Qianlong period B/W porcelain:


Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Chinese porcelain saucer (Chine de Commande) with a Pronk decor of parasol ladies and rear is with insects. This saucer dates to the Qianlong period, about 1736-1738. The diameter of this saucer is 12 cm. Condition is superb. Price: €1750 (Stocknumber: PRK7)


Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Chinese porcelain plate with decor of a garden, Qianlong period. Measurements are 28x20 cm. Condition is good, with one small chip to the rim and some little fritting. Price: €350 (Stock number: BT51.1)



Early 18thC

Chinese porcelain plate from early 18thC with under glaze bw floral decoration. Condition is with little fritting and little chipping to the rim. Price: €150 (Stock number: BT59.3)


Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Chinese porcelain plate with flower decor, Qianlong period. The diameter is 16 cm. The condition is with little wear to the rim. Price: €100 (Stock number: BT41.12)


Qianlong period (1736-1795)

2x Chinese porcelain dish from Qianlong period (1736-1795) with floral decor. The diameter of these dishes is 15.5 cm. Both dishes do have some fritting to the rim. Price: €150 (Stock number: BT41.17)



Chinese porcelain; Enamel from Qing Dynasty:


Yongzheng period (1723-1735)

Chinese porcelain saucer from Yongzheng period. The decoration is with panels on a blue ground. The backside is not decorated and white. The diameter of this saucer is 10.5 cm. The condition is superb, with some small wear to the decor. Price: €150 (Stock number: BT79.4)


Yongzheng period (1723-1735)

Chinese porcelain saucer from Yongzheng period. The decoration is in "Rouge de Fer" with a scene with human in a field. The backside is decorated with three flower branches. The diameter of this saucer is 10.5 cm. The condition is superb, with some small wear to the decor. Price: €150 (Stock number: BT79.1)



Yongzheng period (1723-1735)

Chinese porcelain plate with Famille Rose decor of peony within a gilded border of fleur de lys, surrounded by eight roundels of lotus leave and stylistic clouds, finished with a brown dressing on the rim. Diameter is 24 cm. Yongzheng period. Condition is fair, this plate has two neatly restored hairlines and some wear to the gilded border. Sound when napping is clear. Price: €350 (Stock number: BT41.6)


18thC globular tea pot

Chinese porcelain globular tea pot with scene of playing kids and ladies in a garden, 18thC. The lid is original to the pot. The height of this tea pot is 14 cm, the diameter of this tea pot is 18.5 cm, this include the spout and ear. The condition is good, with one restored chip to the spout and one filled chip to the lid. In adition there is some wear to the gilded decoration. Price: €1500 (Stock number: BT71.1)


Famille Rose, 18thC

Famille Rose plate made from Chinese porcelain and dating to the early 18thC. The decor is with two peacocks in a garden with rock and flowers, surrounded with landscapes with birds. The diameter of the plate is 23 cm. The condition is with one small restored bake fault to the cavetto. Price: €350 (Stock number: BT61.5d)



Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Chinese porcelain lidded pot with flower decor in panels on a brown background, Cafe au lait. The height of this pot is 8 cm. The condition of this pot is superb, with the lid some lighter color than the pot. Price: €150 (Stocknumber: BT73.5)



Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Bowl Chinese porcelain with Amsterdams bont decor with decor of flower basket and a fisherman, Qianlong period, 18thC. The diameter is 14.5 cm. Superb condition. Price: €200 (Stock number: BT42.10)



Chinese porcelain; M&P                                                                                              (Mark and Period)

Kangxi period: 

Kangxi M&P (1662-1722)

Chinese porcelain plate with floral decor. The mark is a Kangxi period mark, and of the period. M&P. The diameter of this plate is 18 cm. Condition is with much fritting and some small chipping, please do not buy this plate if you do not like fritting or chipping. Price: €350 (Stocknumber: CN-KX003)


Kangxi M&P (1662-1722)

Chinese porcelain plate with floral decor. The mark is a Kangxi period mark, and of the period. M&P. The diameter of this plate is 16 cm. Condition is superb, with some small wear to the rim. Price: €450 (Stocknumber: CN-KX004)


Tongzhi period:

Tongzhi M&P (1862-1874)

Chinese porcelain saucer with decor of WuShuangPu (Peerless heroes). The mark is a Tongzhi mark in seal script, and of the period. M&P. The diameter of this saucer is 12 cm. Condition is superb. Price: Sold



Guangxu period:

Guangxu M&P (1875-1908)

Chinese porcelain saucer on high foot with a decoration of a lotus flower in under glaze blue and white. The mark is a six character Guangxu mark in kaishu script, and of the period. M&P. The diameter of this saucer is 7.7 cm. The condition is with small fritting to the rim. Price: €100 (Stocknumber: CN-GX003)


Japanese porcelain:


Kakiemon style saucer, about 1700

Japanese porcelain, Kakiemon style saucer with bird on a branch decor. The dating of this saucer is about 1700. The diameter of this saucer is 11 cm. Superb condition. Price: Sold



Other Japanese porcelain: 

Zoshuntei Sanpo (1840 – 1870)

Japanese porcelain by Zoshuntei Sanpo (1840 – 1870) with a decoration of geisha's and flowers. The diameter of the saucer is 13 cm, the height of the cup is 7.5 cm. The condition is superb. Price: €75 (Stocknumber: JP-ZS002)



Dutch porcelain and European porcelain:


  German porcelain:


Meissen porcelain, 18th century

Meissen 18thC porcelain tea pot with a decor of birds and insects. The tea pot has a diameter of 20 cm, this include the ear and spout. The height of this tea pot is 12 cm. The condition is superb. Sold




陈正强 Chen Zheng Qiang (1945-2007), Spying Bird (abt.1998)

陈正强 Chen Zheng Qiang (1945-2007) is a Master of Fine Arts and graduated from the Fujian Normal University, Department of Fine Arts. In 1964 he was a student of National Artist Prof. Song Sheng-Yu. Chen became a member of the China Artists Association and worked his way up to National Artist. He painted animals with sharp eyes and in 2003 he did wrote a book about drawing an eagle, he called his book “The new mustard seed garden”. He worked as Vice-president of the Osan Art School in Fuzhou China and his specialties are Calligraphy, Animals, Figures and Mountains. This traditional Chinese art style painting is with Chinese ink and wash painting on paper and shows a spider in a web and a spying bird on bamboo, he painted this painting at the age of 53 year (abt.1998). The dimentions of this painting are 45 cm x 35 cm. The painting is signed and sealed with two seals of this artist. Price: €1500 (Stocknumber CZQ04)



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We started collecting and selling Chinese porcelain in April 2005. Since that day we do sell our stock regularly on several commercial websites. We built our own web site in April 2014 to reduce cost and reach more collectors. The first try is a one page site. You also can find us on facebook as Holland Antique where we share information and show pieces inside and outside our collection. Among our friends are reputable and respectable dealers and collectors, we can find any piece you like. We do promote a good relationship. We do like to share our knowledge on Chinese porcelain and hope you too enjoy our collection. We like to wish you good luck and succes with your own collection.



Gotheborg Asian Porcelain Collectors Society, www.gotheborg.com

Dutch Society of Friends of Asian Art, www.vvak.nl

Dutch Society of Friends of Ceramic and Glass, www.vormenuitvuur.nl


Interview with the collector Arno Jacobs:




Buying Chinese porcelain in China for natives:

The world's hottest market for real Chinese antiques is... China! China has many new auction houses that do a booming business selling genuine Chinese antiques to the nouveaux riche Chinese businessmen. It's a well known fact that world record auction prices for Chinese antiques are being set in China. American and European auction prices for equivalent articles are substantially lower than typica...l prices achieved in China. That's why Sotheby's and Christies are so hot to get a piece of the action, and have established HK showrooms. If a China based antique dealer acquires a valuable piece, he or she would sell it inside China, legally, for a lot of money. Why on earth would they want to sell it cheap on eBay, to a foreign buyer, and take the chance of imprisonment?

Source: Gotheborg


Buying antique porcelain in China for buyers from outside China 

Do some research and you will find that buying authentic antiques in China is difficult, and legally exporting them is often impossible. Don't deceive yourself. You cannot get better or cheaper antiques directly in China because China generally is "cheap". China is strictly protecting its ancient cultural objects and artifacts.

As a collector/buyer of Chinese antiques you should know that China currently prohibits the export of antique items over 100 years old. This is especially true for high-class porcelain from private kilns and all from official kilns.

According to more recent information it now seems that even the export of old-looking items of less age than that may be restricted, possibly because some antiques that are "younger" than 100 years were made the same way and look the same as older ones.

If you are buying online, either Ebay or otherwise, you need to be especially careful of who sells Chinese antiques. Obviously, there is a high risk that antique items dispatched from China are reproductions or fakes due to the reasons stated above.




Below you can find a list of books for sale

The Beauty of Chinese Porcelain, Symbolism and WuShuangPU heroes, by Arno Jacobs (2021) ISBN 9798716899834, soft cover. Text in English and Dutch. 

This book is with explanation of 80 decoration meanings (Patterns, Flora, Fauna), 100 Symbols with explanation (Buddhist Symbols, Taoist Symbols, Mystic Symbols, Antiques Symbols and more), 45 of the most important Chinese marks, Table of 40 Peerless Heroes, named WUSHUANGPU, together with their poems in English. This book has 20 pieces showed of the collection of the writer and collector Arno Jacobs (author), all with description.  

This book has a total of 77 pages, 260 color pictures of porcelain and porcelain related pictures and 135 black and white pictures of symbols and marks. This is a numbered "author copy" with autograph and dedication of the writer (Arno Jacobs). New condition. Price: €20

Ca Mau (1725), cargo auction catalog from Sotheby's, "Made in Imperial China", 29, 30 and 31 January 2007, Amsterdam. 276 pg, soft cover. Very good condition. Price: Sold


Chinese blue and white porcelain, first edition (1977) by Duncan Macintosh. 14thC - 19thC. ISBN 0715374346. 152 pg, over 100 b/w pictures, hard cover. Condition is reasonable. Price:  €35


Chinese ceramics in the collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 1997, The Ming and Qing Dynasties, by Christiaan Jorg. ISBN 0856674893. 352 pg, >400 color pictures in color. Soft cover. Like new. Price: €400


Chinese Ceramics, The Wong Collection by Claudia Brown (1982). 150 Pieces pictured in B/W. 86 pg. Soft cover. Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 82-80346. Phoenix Art Museum. Reasonable condition. Price: €20


Chinesische Keramik, Meisterwerke aus Privatsammlungen by Ulrich Wiesner. Museum fus Ostasiatische Kunst. 1988. 193 pg, pictures in color and b/w. Language is German. Condition is with some small wear.  Price: €25


Chinesische Porzellan malerei, im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, by Yang Enlin. Printed by Klinkhardt und Biermann (1986). ISBN 3781402517. 152 pg. Color pictures. Hard cover, dust jacket. Good condition. Price: €25


Chinesisches Porzellan by Anthony Du Boulay (1987). ISBN 3883850152. 128 pg, B/W pictures. Hard cover and dustcover. Good condition. Price: €20


Dating Chinese porcelain from facial features and adornments, a handbook, 2013 by Tommy Eklof. ISBN 9789163733376. Dating Chinese porcelain from 15thC untill now with more than 800 faces of man, woman and children. Paperback, 163 pg. This book is signed by the author. Price: Sold


Fine and Curious, Japanese export porcelain in Dutch collections, by Christiaan Jorg (2003). ISBN 9074822169. Many color pictures. Hard cover. Good condition but some damage to the dust jacket. Price: €100


Hirado, Prince of Porcelains, by Louis Lawrence (1997). ISBN 1878529307. Many color pictures and some B/W pictures. Some small damage to the corners. Price: €40


Loosdrechts porselein (1774-1784), by the Rijksmuseum (1988). ISBN 9789066301214. 312 pg. Many B/W pictures and some color pictures. Price: €35


The Handbook of marks on Chinese ceramics by Gerald Davison (1994). Blue cloth hard cover. Good condition. ISBN 0906610206.  Price: Sold


Japanese Armour by Robert Winter. This catalog of the TEFAF 2008, Maastricht, the Netherlands, contains 40 of his high level and most rare Armour pieces ever showed. 90 pages. With hard cover and slip case. Like new. Price: €45


Porcelain collections in Singapore by Liu Xinxin and Ye Xiaoping (2000). 160 pg, 190 objecten in color pictures. Hard cover, dustjacket. ISBN 7806253823. Good condition. Price: €75


The Wanli Shipwreck, and its ceramic cargo, by Sten Sjostrand (2007), signed by the author. ISBN 9679935744. 360 pg. Many color pictures. Hard cover. Condition very good. Price:€150